The CAR Coalition supports the SMART Act to ensure consumer choice
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The CAR Coalition is committed to preserving and protecting consumer choice and affordable vehicle repair

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CAR Coalition partner ABPA has launched the MyPartsChoice website to ensureconsumer parts choice and right to repair options are not terminated or compromised by car companies.


Our Mission

The CAR Coalition is a group of independent automotive parts and repair companies, associations and insurers committed to preserving and protecting consumer choice and affordable vehicle repair by ensuring  competition in the market.

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Our Key Principles

The Truth About Car Parts

A Cost Comparison

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Front Bumper Crash Tests

Many independently produced parts are certified by a third party to demonstrate their quality and comparability to the automaker branded part. As an example, the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) provides comprehensive standards for aftermarket part certifications. Here are CAPA front bumper crash tests performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the industry gold standard for vehicle safety testing. Two 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 pickups were put through a series of crash tests; one of the pickups was fitted with an independently made bumper fitting the requirements of CAPA, a CAR Coalition member. Results for both pickups were nearly identical, as the video shows.

Spiraling Cost to Repair


(Dept. of Labor Consumer Price Index)

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The CAR Coalition is fighting to keep automotive repair costs low and ensure consumers have the choices they need and deserve in the post-collision auto repair market. This includes enabling the consumer to choose who handles their repairs; ensuring that service centers have equal access to repair and maintenance parts, the vehicle data needed to diagnose and fix problems, and the ability to calibrate the vehicle for safety purposes once those repairs are finalized. The Coalition is working with policymakers to draft and pass legislation based on four key principles–safety, choice, competition, and lower costs for consumers. You can lend your voice to the effort by contacting your Congressional representatives and encouraging them to act on this important issue by using the form below to send a letter to your member of Congress.

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